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Greater Mt. Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church
3406 Nagle Street
Houston, Texas 77004
Rev. Percy L. Edward, Pastor

Church History

The Greater Mt. Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church, 3406 Nagle Street, Houston, Texas was organized in the year 1955 as a Baptist Church. The first pastor was Rev. A.W. Trowler, and then there was Rev. C.L. Conner.

In the year of 1959, Rev. Emerson Butcher was call as Pastor with a membership of eight (8) and a seating capacity of twenty five (25). Out of the eight members. 

In the year 1960, the church property was purchased and in 1962 then building was enlarged to hold fifty (50) people. The Lord blessed our congregation and many souls were added to our flock. Almost every Sunday and each meeting night the membership continued to increase. 
The church structure became too small to house its
membership. Disappointment and discouragement came from everyone saying,” the church’s potential growth was very poor,” but the Lord gave 
Rev. Butcher a vision that there were many more souls to be saved.

Rev, Emerson Butcher did not listen to the words of discouragement from the people, but the words of God and in 1967, the new church was erected and there was enough room to house three hundred (300) people.  
The Lord continued to bless Greater Mt. Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church, and in 1979, the Lord gave Rev. Butcher another vision. This vision was that the Sanctuary was in need of even more space to house all of the new members. In 1982, the church moved into its second Sanctuary, where we are presently serving God. Pastor Butcher and the congregation moved into the new building with a ZERO debt. It was paid in full.  
The membership grew to five hundred (500) plus members.

In 1993 Rev. Emerson was called home to be with the Lord and Rev. Raymond LaFleur became Pastor.  

In 1998, Rev. Raymond LaFleur moved on to another calling and Rev. Elvis Mays presided as acting Pastor. 
Rev. Elvis Mays ordained Bro. Andrew Noble and Bro. Nathan McPherson as Deacons. Soon after that Rev. Elvis Mays moved on to another calling. 

In 1999 Rev. Ricky Taylor was voted in as the new Pastor.  

In 2001, Rev. Taylor moved to another calling and Rev. Percy L. Edward was asked to serve as presiding Pastor. He accepted and several months later he was voted in as Pastor. Since Rev. Edward has been pastor the Lord has continue to bless Greater Mt. Pilgrim.

We have had several members to join, some by Christian experience and others candidates for baptism.  
Also, the children’s church has been established with the leadership of Rev. A. Walker. The Sunday School and Bible Study classes have increased in attendance and a Church Motto has been implemented. 
“Where the Spirit of God is, We have Family.

In 2006 Rev Percy L. Edward ordained 
Rev. Andrew Noble and he received his certificate of license for the gospel of ministry under 
Rev. Percy L. Edward. 

In the summer of 2009 the church was blessed with a New Face Lift. Donation of Candy Apple Red carpet by one of our very own members. We installed new AC units, the pastor study and the secretary room was moved and remodeled, we also had appliances donated. 
Our Praise dance team was reunited, which now includes children and seniors, with a new name 
“Rock of all Ages.

In the year 2010, the Lord bless Greater Mt. Pilgrim with the ordination of Bro. Reginald Momon and Bro. Ollie Barbary as Deacons

Also, in 2010 God has given Rev. Edward a new vision to start a 7:30am children church service with Rev. Robert Handy being the overseer. 

But God is still in the blessing business, 
he has given the church an all around face lift, 

In 2012 Rev Percy Edward made 10 years of service, here as Pastor. 

In 2013 Our Fellowship Hall, the Men and Women Restrooms have been renovated and 
we have a new storage room. 

In 2014, the Lord bless Greater Mt. Pilgrim with the ordination of Bro. Richard Thomas and 
Bro. Harold Jordan as Deacons.

In 2015 our Prayer /Outreach Ministry was established under the leadership of 
Minister Karen Brown to minister and provide food for the community.

The Finance room and Church Secretary office was also remodeled. 

In 2016, the Lord blessed Greater Mt. Pilgrim with the ordination of Minister Regina King.
Also our WOW Ministry was established by Minister King.

In 2017 the Lord bless us with the ordination of 
Bro. Duanta Lipscomb as Deacon. 

In that same year Rev. Percy Edward made 15 years of service here as Pastor.  

In 2019 another one of our restrooms has been remodeled.

God has truly blessed Greater Mt. Pilgrim for these many years, we have never had to take out a loan of any kind, and still today we a dept free. 

We must all keep the faith and trust in the Lord and know that what ever we need, 
God’s Got It.